By Isabelle Tibayrenc

Business France UK is the French government agency that fosters trade and investment relations between France and the UK. In early 2020, the Tech department launched Impact, an acceleration programme tailored for French Tech startups and scaleups targeting the UK as their main export market…and then the world turned upside down!

We launched our Impact programme with a strongly held conviction that the CEOs of French start-ups and scaleups needed to come to the UK to build a successful strategy. …

By François Marmion

As part of the the Learn & Dive section of Impact UK, our cohort benefitted from one-to-one sessions with François Marmion, Managing Director at Manao, for a financial model workshop, ensuring they have the correct approach for the UK market. François has more than 25 years experience working with start-ups on both sides of the Channel. He launched Manao in 2015 with a vision is to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and investors thanks to a common language, clear strategies and robust business plans.

François’ work didn’t slow down throughout lockdown, and he delivered presentations, lectures and…

By Penny Atkinson

In an increasingly digitalised world, there are some parts of life that do not seem to have caught up with everything else. The lack of digitalisation or the slow adoption of new technologies in certain sectors ultimately leads to sluggish growth, consumer frustration and, in the end, a bad reputation.

Take property management, for example. I have never heard of anyone singing the praises of estate agents, facility managers, service providers, or even tenants! But how much of this is down to poor communication between the various parties?

If I had to bet on it, I would…

By Penny Atkinson

Since the COVID-19 pandemic sent countries across the world into lockdown, it would seem that there isn’t a single industry left unaffected.

The short term repercussions of the crisis are still being analysed, and the long-term effects are still subject to debate, and it is more interesting than ever to speculate on what the future of various industries will look like when the dust settles after we emerge from this crisis.

Among those industries effected, not least is that of influencer marketing.

From Instagram, to TikTok, to blogs, influencers are everywhere. The pandemic drove people worldwide into…

Marc De Zordo certainly carried out his due diligence before launching Getfluence, having worked in the industry and testing out a trial platform. His homework is paying off as the company is already present in 4 countries and its sights are now set on the UK.

Getfluence is a marketplace with pre-negotiated deals with influential press, media and specialised websites from across all sectors and from all over the world, helping businesses and marketing professionals save time, with the assurance that they’re getting a good deal.

But who better to hear from about the company than its founder?

How did…

By Penny Atkinson

First thing on a Friday morning I sat down with a cup of tea and had a great chat with Baptiste Broughton, co-founder of Neo-Nomade, to learn about the company and its journey so far, international work cultures and, of course, the future.

Neo-Nomade offer a range of solutions for companies looking to improve their employees’ working lives, provide greater autonomy from the traditional office, all while cutting costs. They offer a pay-as-you go solution which offers flexible access to work desks, mid-term office space for longer term solutions, and event spaces too.

With office life as…

By Penny Atkinson

Where do people get their best ideas? The classroom, in the shower, on the train, or in the pub? In the case of Hugo, it was the latter.

His best idea? Urbest.

A property management app where everyone involved in the process can login and add updates, streamlining and improving the service and management of buildings, Urbest opens up a world of possibilities that could hugely improve the daily lives of people everywhere.

I was keen to speak to Hugo to get to the bottom of how he and his co-founder built a successful company from some…

By Penny Atkinson

On a morning in early July, I woke up wondering if I had overslept and woken up in November so bad was the weather. So, what better way to brighten my day than a chat to Frédéric Bruneau, CEO of Foxy Nerds Studio?

The start-up is an influencer marketing marketplace, using social AI to match brands with influencers that share their values taking the stress out of building an influencer campaign. …

By Penny Atkinson

The COVID-19 crisis has forced brands, companies, and employees everywhere to think outside the box, and prove themselves to be capable of unprecedented adaptability & reactivity.

For years, people have spoken of a shift to flexible working, whether in the form of flexi-hours, working from home, or unlimited holidays. Employee wellbeing, and a healthy work/life balance have long been identified as key contributors to boosted employee engagement and productivity. The pandemic has forced companies to put their money where their mouth is and put into practice what so many have been preaching for so long.

What’s more…

By Sam Martin-Ross, MD of Digital Uncut

Knowing your audience is key to the success of any digital marketing campaign. Subtle differences in language can be hugely important in digital communication, so it’s vital that marketing professionals know exactly who they’re talking to at the very start of the planning process.

When communicating with the UK market, there are a few steps which should be taken to ensure that strategies work as effectively as possible for the specific markets they’re targeted at. …

Impact UK

An immersive programme providing the methods and networks to help growth-stage startups scale in the UK, powered by Business France

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