Coffee with the cohort: in conversation with Baptiste, CEO of Neo-Nomade

What’s the story behind the Neo-Nomade?

I founded Neo-Nomade about 5 years ago with a friend from university, and we’d both been working as consultants so knew about leading nomadic work lifestyles and dealing with a cultural pressure to present at the office.

What highlights really stand out for you and Neo-Nomade so far?

There was our breakthrough moment, which was of course a highlight, when we sold the first version of Neo-Nomade to our first client, Generali, an insurance company. Using our pay-as-you-go model we helped them to save 40% on real estate costs by switching to a fully flexible model without leases or engagement. For us, that was so exciting. It was one thing having it down on paper, another seeing it become a reality — it really was win-win for the employer, in terms of costs, and the employees, in terms of time, just as we’d hoped.

What’s next for Neo-Nomade?

Our ambition mostly follows where our clients are asking us to roll out our services. For now, we’re looking at Northern Europe: the UK, Germany, Benelux, then hopefully Spain and Italy. As well as client demand, we also consider the maturity of co-working spaces on one side and the work culture on other side, to make sure its viable. With that in mind, COVID-19 has accelerated work culture change so, as a result, our priorities could change — we’ll see!

How are you finding the Impact programme so far?

Impact has been great. So far, it’s been a good dive into specificities of UK market. By that I don’t just mean the culture and co-working but also real estate system.

What piece of advice would you give a founder now that you wish you knew you started Neo-Nomade?

The main thing I would do differently, that I would advise anyone to do is to get a good understanding of your market and have a marketing expert on the team from the early days. I now recognise the importance of having a structured marketing approach from the get-go!

How do you see the office space landscape changing as a result as of COVID-19?

I think COVID will be a big deal for the sector. It has pushed everything that we’ve been fighting for in terms of flexible and remote working — and so we think we’re going to see demand for alternatives to working from home completely accelerated.

What do you find attractive about the UK market?

We’re drawn to the UK for its working culture, and reputation for its openminded approach to flexibility. There’s also a need for a new approach to remote working, just look at the commuting time in London — it’s mad.

Where do you see yourselves this time next year?

Not sure! We want to be sure that the market recovers — we should be out of the danger zone now, but we’ll obviously keep an eye on the situation.



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