Digitalisation: the key to being better?

  • Communication: for me, this is the big one. Urbest’s platform enables group discussions between stakeholders, making photos, text, change of status, estimates or invoices accessible within seconds, leading to quicker solutions for problems at any point in the chain.
  • Role-based data permissions: privacy is incredibly important to any stakeholder in property management. Using Urbest, managers can manage access permissions so that users only see the information related to them and nothing more.
  • Structured workflow: centralising information & organising data, including descriptions, quotes and invoices, ensures more efficiency in the workflow across the board. Save time and minimise repetitive tasks.
  • Real-time satisfaction: who doesn’t love the feeling of good feedback after a job well done? Urbest’s platform integrates customer satisfaction surveys for completed jobs — if there are any issues, you are immediately informed so that you can take necessary action!h



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