Digitalisation: the key to being better?

By Penny Atkinson

In an increasingly digitalised world, there are some parts of life that do not seem to have caught up with everything else. The lack of digitalisation or the slow adoption of new technologies in certain sectors ultimately leads to sluggish growth, consumer frustration and, in the end, a bad reputation.

Take property management, for example. I have never heard of anyone singing the praises of estate agents, facility managers, service providers, or even tenants! But how much of this is down to poor communication between the various parties?

If I had to bet on it, I would say a lot!

Nobody ever wants to do a poor job. If property management were to be revolutionised in the same way that neo banks forced traditional banks to accelerate their innovation, then there would be huge scope to improve the workflow, better manage time and resources, and leave everyone with much less of a headache at the end of the day.

This may seem like a utopia that is far from reality, but it’s not as far away as you would think.

French start-up Urbest may be about to shake things up for the better. Available on virtually any device, Urbest’s platform simplifies property management for all parties involved with 4 elements that make it advantageous for everyone effected by property management:

  • Communication: for me, this is the big one. Urbest’s platform enables group discussions between stakeholders, making photos, text, change of status, estimates or invoices accessible within seconds, leading to quicker solutions for problems at any point in the chain.

The idea of stakeholders being a unified community, from colleagues to contractors to end-users, such as tenants, who work collaboratively to resolve issues using one application should not be revolutionary, but in this case, it is.

In France, Urbest has already worked with huge names, including Eiffage, Engie, Normandy region and La Défense business district in Paris. This year, they are taking part in the Impact acceleration programme with the aim to improve property management across the UK.

The possibilities for Urbest’s solution are endless — obviously it could be hugely advantageous for property & facility management, but why stop there? Local government could adopt it for managing services and optimising operations, schools could use it to ensure high standards across their facilities.

Property management is one solution to an industry that has long been slow to modernise, though thanks to Urbest this should soon be a think of the past. What other industries do you think could do with a digital revolution?

Urbest is part of 2020 cohort of the Impact UK accelerator programme, powered by Business France.

To find out more about Impact UK, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, or visit the website.



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