What it feels like: to launch a tech accelerator during a pandemic

Bring on the challenge!

French Tech CEOs in our cohort embraced the new challenge, and COVID-19 didn’t put them off UK expansion.

The importance of keeping the human in digital

Despite being an increasingly digital world, human interaction remains key to building relationships. It’s a common sticking point, but I’m confident when I say that picking the right tech is not the panacea that it’s made out to be. Stakeholder engagement is far more important, no matter the platform.

Lessons were learned

One of the most valuable lessons we took from this experience was that in some cases, virtual meetings can be more valuable than face-to-face!

We even had some pleasant surprises along the way!

Never underestimate how digital-ready and agile a public organisation can be. Even as someone who has been working at one for years, I was sceptical, but I’m happy to report that my misgivings were misplaced.

Onwards and upwards



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